Xinghua Mingwei Chemical Co.,Ltd.
         Plant growth regulat
      >3-indolebutyric acid
      >3-indolebutyric acid sylvite
      >3-indolylacetic acid
      >3-indolylacetic acid sylvite
         Pesticide and pharma...
         Granulated fertilize
      >Medium trace element fertilizer
      >Medium trace element rice fertilizer
Xinghua Mingwei Chemical Co., jointly invested by Taizhou Mingsheng Chemical Co.,Ltd. and a foreign company. It is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates, especially purine, pyrimidine series, indole series and sulfonamide series products. 
Our company owns powerful technical strength, advanced manufacturing technique, complete test method and stable quality. Products are sold the US, West Europe and Southeast Asia. Clients at home and abroad are sincerely welcome to visit our company to give instructions and cooperate with us on the principle of "mutual benefits, mutual development". 
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